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How Does SkinTyte Work?

Collagen and elastin molecules break down and are replaced by new ones in an ongoing cycle in the skin. Age causes this cycle to slow down, so that these beneficial fibers are eventually lost faster than they can be replaced. They also break down more rapidly when exposed to sunlight. The result is low levels of collagen and elastin, lax skin, increased lines and wrinkles, and sagging.

SkinTyte uses infrared light to deposit heat into the deepest layers of the skin, which prompts contraction of the existing collagen and elastin fibers right away. Long term, these treatments stimulate specialized cells to produce new collagen and elastin molecules for an overall improvement of skin firmness.

The SkinTyte device uses something known as “sapphire contact cooling” to protect the surface and keep it at a more comfortable temperature than the heated deeper layers. This is a safe treatment, but patients should expect some minor side effects, such as skin redness, tenderness, and possible swelling. No down time is required, as these effects will resolve on their own. Care should be taken to protect the treated areas against sun exposure as they heal.

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